My friends, I Dr. Shrikrishna Dhone, worked as an Orthopedic Surgeon Class One for 25 years at Civil Hospital , Thane, Alibag and Ulhasnagar. . There is no MRI machine available in any civil hospital. However, CT scan machines are available in Civil Hospital over the last ten years. If a patient goes to any private doctor with their problems, the doctor suggests MRI Blood tests, Xray's, and Sonography's the doctor prescribes large number of medicines.. However, the cost of Consultation fees by doctors is at least between 1000 to 1500 rupees. To understand the disease and cure it, patients spends five to ten thousand rupees which is unreasonable.

In each District of Maharashtra, there is one District hospital, two to three Sub-district hospitals, two to three Rural hospitals, and local health centers in each village. Further there is Dispensary in each ward of all Metropolitan City. Poor patients are treated for free or with minimal fees in these hospitals. All investigations are free or charged at a minimum rate in all these hospitals. "Here patients are relieved with minimum or no investigations.

While studying MBBS in a medical college, the Medical Student learns to examine the patient with a stethoscope, palpation of parts inspection of disease parts of body listen to the symptoms of the disease, and obtain complete information about the patient's condition investigation reports are shown to the student .The student is expected to arrive at 80tp90% diagnosis The student is given marks based on his ability to arrive at diagnosis .The passing Mark's are 50% in theory & practical. This means MBBS Doctor is expected to arrive at provisional diagnosis without investigation. Investigations are only Supportive & must correlate with examination. This means the Consultation fees charged by Consultant must arrive at diagnosis without investigation & not to take a letter for large number of medicines & investigations. This is the REAL ART of Consultant who is MD MS much more than MBBS. Further knowing socioeconomic condition of patient is also part of medical teaching .In all Govt & Municipal Dispensaries patients are mostly treated without much investigations & patients are benefited. Further if investigations come normal it was waste of money of patient which is unethical & wrong fees has been charged.

With the advent of many PRIVATE MEDICAL COLLEGES charging heavy Donations are given to Political Leaders to earn hefty money. The students getting even 50% Mark's are admitted with Donations of 50Lack to 1cr for MBBS & same for MS Dissimilarly private hospitals are attached to these medical colleges where all investigations & unnecessary surgeries are done to earn money. Students are also taught to do this to earn Moneyball such students practice what have been taught to thermals number of patients in private colleges are very very less as compared to Govt Medical Colleges. Teaching staff is also honorary only on paper. Students are not interested in studying & bedside clinics.

MRIs are costly procedures which mostly involves commission  upto 40% hence the cost varies from Rs3500 to Rs8000.Govt Hospitals who treats 80% of population treat without MRI as patients don't afford it at all. From my experience of 40yrs in Orthopedics & Book written by Late Dr. Dongawakar Dr L Prakash Chennai Dr Aroop Mukherji Delhi 90% don't need MRI to diagnose the illness. . When an MRI is done , doctors often explain that a disc has slipped in their lower back, causing them pain. The doctors recommend surgery in these cases. If Patients who don't undergo surgery may experience a loss of strength in both legs and may not even be able to control their bladder bowel movements. These fears cause anxiety for patients but some who are intelligent go for second opinion & try other modes of treatment & are relieved. Further many who undergo Surgery are not relieved of pain & loose money with injury to spine & become bedridden.

Many patients become anxious and stressed when they see the long report and the profuse images associated with MRIs. After viewing the report, patients become ready for surgery. However, some patients come to me for treatment without surgery and often recover. Many patients who have undergone surgery continue to have pain, so they come to me for treatment. Joint replacement surgeries, for example, can result in 10-15% of patients continuing to experience pain. In some cases, these patients need to undergo another surgery, leading to double costs. Beautifull joint preservation Surgeries & nonoperstive procedures available are not told to the patient.

In many clinical meetings I presented non-surgical treatments such as exercises for Back Hip Shoulder pain, yoga, traction, and an injection. I showed this in the meetings interview on Sahyadri Doo darshan Chanel in Sandhyakal news papers., Everyone praised my research.

My friends, today the trend of sitting on the computer and eating junk food has increased. No doctor emphasizes the need to exercise. Joint pain occurs due to weight gain and lack of control over food. If this is controlled, then there is no need for surgery. If not controlled, even joint replacement surgery fails & cannot relieve the pain of the patient.

I play badminton myself, do 200 squats, two and a half hours of yoga, walk on the treadmill, and for the past two years, I only eat fruits vegetables tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, lentils, and boiled eggs instead of chapatis, bread, and rice.

Padma Shri Himmatarao Baskarr Mahad, Padma Shri Dr. Abhay Bang, Dr Rani Bang Gadchiroli, Padma Shri Dr. Ravi Kolhe Melghat, these doctors were awarded the Padma Shri by the government for serving the tribal people without any means of investigation available. No doctor in any prestigious hospital in Maharashtra has received such an honor.

In this, the most important thing is that the government hospital has not hired Doctor Nurses and other staff for the past ten years. As a result, the government hospital have been made purposefully crippled so that patients go to private hospitals owned by Politicians. Some patients go to Ayurvedic doctors, homeopath Doctors, and Baba Ramdev for treatment. In this way, some doctors treat heart disease without bypass or angioplasty. One incident involved a 25-year-old girl who was advised to have an MRI pelvis showed Avascular Necrosis of Both Hips was advice Both Hip Replacement. Many such patients of Avascular Necrosis are treated without Surgery by me successfully .Just imagine the cruelty of Surgeon of not thinking about marriage & family life of that girl when non operative treatment is available.

Large commercial hospitals & pharma companies give temptations of various types by giving commission, foreign tours, sponsoring conferences events & banquets. This is very very unhuman business of Human Bodies to earn money. People have seen Bill's of many many lacs during Covid & otherwise also. There is no strict check on this entire business of Human Body Business. Best is to eat healthy control body weight exercise & remain away from Hospitals.

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"Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship."- Gautam Buddha
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