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At Babasaheb Dhone Hospital, for the last 30 years, we have been serving patients, with ages ranging from 90 years to 5 years from all over Maharashtra. It has been our experience that though technologies like MRI, Sonography and X-Ray have evolved during this time, but it is not affordable for all patients. This is where our vital experience and clinical expertise allows us to eliminate the need for such high cost technology for 80% of our patients. Clinical analysis has been proved to be the way for developing countries like India where there is need to make health services available to all factions of society. Here are the things we focus on:

  • Affordable and quality care for all our patients.
  • No unnecessary investigations to burden our patients.
  • Corrective actions and excercises to rectify the root of the problem.

Who We Are?


Patients treated without admissions


hours Emergency care


Year of Experience in Patient Care

Our Mission

To bring best quality healthcare at an affordable cost for everyone.

Our Vision

It is our commitment that no patient should suffer with the pain and live with it just because of their financial condition. We want to use our experience and wisdom of remedying patients of their pain to break the myth that good care is only affordable to people with good bank balance.

Our Team

Orthopedic Surgeon

CEO & Founder


Awards: 8

Experience: 40 years

Head Administrator


Awards: 2

Experience: 30 years

What People Say?

"Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship."- Gautam Buddha
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